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#98 - Interview with BOOMSLANK, Anime lifestyle & apparel brand

#98 - Interview with BOOMSLANK, Anime lifestyle & apparel brand

July 25, 2020

We're finally back after a month+ hiatus. Don't worry, things may have slowed, but they certainly haven't stopped. We're hoping to get back to a more regular release schedule soon.


This week, Tori and Austin interview two brothers behind the anime-inspired apparel and lifestyle brand BOOMSLANK. If you frequent conventions in the United States, chances are high that you've ran into these guys multiple times. Heck, you might be wearing one of their shirts right now!


We discuss their anime origin story, what it's like running a business as Nigerian-Americans in the anime sphere, the convention artist alley grind, how they began working with Crunchyroll, and how David gives back by teaching art classes for kids.


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