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BONUS EPISODE - Netflix’s Castlevania: Dead and Loving It

December 2, 2018

"What is a man but a miserable little pile of podcasts?"

Ryan hosts a special bonus episode of the show all about Netflix's not-quite-anime-but-basically-anime series, Castlevania! Joining him are Marisa, Sully, and special guest pal, Edwin to talk about vampires, Belmonts, magic ladies, bickering, getting burned at the stake, and not being able to cross running water. 

Have you seen Netflix's Castlevania? What did you think of it? Which of the videos games is your favorite? Which Belmont is your favorite? Let us know over on Twitter! (

[Note: we promise this "Castle" theme is not intended to be reoccurring, it just worked out that way.]

We are happy to remind everyone that Bill has graciously provided a copy of The Rose of Versailles Part 1 as a FREE giveaway to one of you listeners out there! As we stated in the beginning of the episode, you can be entered to WIN by popping over to our iTunes or Stitcher account and leaving us a 5 star rating and review.



We will be announcing the winner on DECEMBER 13th, 2018 in our Facebook community group so make sure to join over there to know if you're the winner!


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