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#27 - Con-versations! - NC Comiccon 2017

#27 - Con-versations! - NC Comiccon 2017

November 21, 2017

Welcome to the first official episode of THIRD IMPACT ANIME PODCAST

We've gone through a bit of rebranding and this is the new podcast name we're going with and we hope you like it! 

In this episode, Austin, Ryan, and Marisa sit down and chat about Ryan's adventures at NC Comiccon, meeting the creator of Deadpool (who you heard in the show open), meeting Mike Rowe of Arrow fame, and going to Symphony of the Goddess. We also delve into some broader topics in convention culture, and Austin gives the shortest review ever of A Silent Voice

The next episode will be our convention coverage of Super FamiCon 2017

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#26 - Extra Life 2017 Announcement!

#26 - Extra Life 2017 Announcement!

November 3, 2017

Jaan jumps on to let everyone know that he and Ryan will be participating in Extra Life this year. 

Extra Life is an international, 24 hour video game streaming challenge to raise money for sick and injured kids. 

Ryan and Jon will both be playing throughout the day but Ryan is taking the 24 hour plunge! Ganbatte. 

You can donate through Ryan's portal here:

and catch him streaming here:

Please consider donating if you can! 

We'll be back with a full episode soon (and we'll defininitely get around to explaining why things looks so....different)

See ya soon! 

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