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#49 - My Conquest is a Sea of Episodes - An Overview of Legend of the Galactic Heroes

#49 - My Conquest is a Sea of Episodes - An Overview of Legend of the Galactic Heroes

June 30, 2018

Yes, we are tackling the impossible! This week, Bill and special guest Ryan (not the same Ryan from before) discuss their fandom for the true leviathan of anime fandom, Legend of the Galactic Heroes

Austin and Tobias join in to ask questions and be the ignorant fools they are. 

Please listen and enjoy! Are you an LOGH fan? Let us know how you got into it and how best to get new fans into it as well. 

(0:00-5:27) Introducing special guest, Ryan W!

(5:27-35:16) Legend of the Galactic Heroes franchise discussion

(35:16-50:48) Legend of the Galactic Heroes in the west

(50:48-53:48) How do you say "Kircheis"?

(53:48-1:12:56) Legend of the Galactic Heroes reboot

(1:12:56-1:24:11) Wrap up and social media junk.

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#48 - BONUS EPISODE - “100 Years of Anime” with Masuo Ueda and Guests (Animazement, 2018)

#48 - BONUS EPISODE - “100 Years of Anime” with Masuo Ueda and Guests (Animazement, 2018)

June 27, 2018

This is a very special bonus episode that we put little to no effort into creating!

At Animazement 2018, Tobias and I attended the "100 Years of Anime" panel hosted by Producer Masuo Ueda, animator Kazushige Yusa, director Akitaro Daichi, and curator of the Tokyo Anime Center, Asaba-san (I couldn't make out his full name). They discuss the most influential anime on their life and work, how anime has changed over the years, their struggles and successes as creators, how anime works in the west, and then took some audience questions at the end.

It was incredibly fascinating and the whole panel was just hilarious. 

Sorry for the audio quality being garbage, this was recorded on my phone afterall. So sorry about that!

Here's the video Ueda showed before the panel. It's amazing and beautiful and just WOWIE:

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#47 - Con-versations - Animazement 2018!

#47 - Con-versations - Animazement 2018!

June 15, 2018

Another year, another AZ down. This was a good one, folks.

Tobias, Austin, Tori, Marisa, and Ryan chat about panels, guests, dealers, dinosaur volunteers, UMD disks, bootleggers, and all those wonderful things you find at cons these days. 

This episode is a little bit dated as we recorded it about 2 weeks ago and I mention being excited for E3 which has now passed and BOY there were some choice announcments there, and they were all Kingdom Hearts III related ;) 

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Next up for us is HAMACON in Hunstville, Alabama from June 22nd through the 24th. We'll be bringing some awesome panels down there and hopefully doing some interviews as well. 

#46 - Interview with JP Yates at Animazement, 2018

#46 - Interview with JP Yates at Animazement, 2018

June 2, 2018

Austin got the chance to sit down with Animazement 2018 guest of honor and Director of International Recruitment at the University of Akron, JP Yates!

Mr. Yates is an educator, anime fan, cool dude, and professional Japan enthusiast. Austin picked his brain about his work in international education, living and working in Japan, panels, language, embarassing inter-cultural escapades, working for Epcot, celebrating Shinichiro Watanabe's birthday, hanging out with Masuo Ueda, and much, much more! 

Here's JP Yates' full bio from the Animazement website: 

"JP Yates has nearly 20 years of experience in international education, with a special focus on Asia. His positions have ranged from coordinator at Epcot, to eikaiwa teacher in Japan, to head of admissions forjTemple University, Japan Campus. When not travelling the world in search of students as Executive Director of International Recruitment for The University of Akron, he leads workshops in Japan on studying in the United States and vice versa. Yates is a graduate of Winthrop University in Rock Hill, SC, and is the father of two dual Japanese/U.S. citizens. He enjoys frequent trips back to Japan for both work and pleasure, and feels strongly that Japan is the best option for both studying internationally and as the safest place to be an idiot (which he has proven on many, many occasions)."

Thanks so much to JP Yates for coming on the show and thank YOU listeners for listening. 

Keep up with Mr. Yates on twitter @J_PYates

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