Third Impact Anime Podcast

#119 - Best Anime WE Watched in 2021

January 17, 2022

We watched a LOT of anime in 2021, and not all of it was released then. So instead of doing a "Best of 2021" list, we just had a casual conversation about some of the shows we watched including Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, Hinamatsuri, My Life as a Villainess, Wave! Listen to Me, Sound of the Sky, and Giant Robo; and of course some actual 2021 releases like Odd Taxi, Godzilla Singular Point, Zombie Land Saga R, Pui Pui Molcar, and Evangelion 3.0+1.0 Thrice Upon a Time (yes, you legally have to write out the full title).

Hosted this time by Austin (@bebopshock) and Bill (@wbforeman999).

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