Third Impact Anime Podcast

#120 - Girls’ Last Tour feat. BokuSatchii

February 10, 2022

To continue our recent seasonal theme of reviewing anime with snow in them (see: Fate/Zero), we're back with a review of the post-apocalyptic iyashikei (meaning healing) series, 2017's Girls' Last Tour! But wait, is it possible for an anime to be post-apocalyptic and an iyashikei series at the same time? Excellent question. Listen to the episode and find out.

Austin hosts the show this week joined by long-time absentee member, Andrew, who provides commentary on the series' iyashikei elements as well as its World War aesthetics. Additionally, we have a brand new guest to the podcast; anime panelist and blogger Robby a.k.a. BokuSatchii. You may know him from Twitter and/or his numerous panels at Anime Weekend Atlanta, NakaCon, Anime Lockdown, and Crunchyroll Expo Online. Robby has been a friend of the show for a good bit and was happy to come on to discuss his favorite anime of the 2010s.

You can check out BokuSatchii's work over on his blog here:

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