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#126 - Macross Frontier: The Movies | The False Songstress & The Wings of Farewell

July 25, 2022

Macross Frontier finally came to the states officially for the first time! Fathom Events and Big West brought us the two theatrical films The False Songstress and The Wings of Farewell in June, 2022. Long-time Frontier fan Sarah takes newbie Austin on a musical journey into our review of both films. This is another long one since we're covering both films AND Anime Expo decided to drop a ton of Macross news items on our heads so not only do we have one news segment but TWO! Anyway, you like listening to our voices, right? I certainly hope so. And if you don't, there's plenty of Ranka and Sheryl interspersed throughout the episode to make up for it. Enjoy our review of Macross Frontier the Movies!

Hosted by Sarah (@uniquexharmony) and Austin (@bebopshock).

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