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#130 - Satoshi Kon’s Paranoia Agent | 2022 Halloween Special!

October 24, 2022

You're walking home on a dark night and your neck bristles.

You adjust your eyes, peering down the street. You see it coming.

It's on roller skates, carrying a golden bat. It's speeding towards you.

Is it Little Slugger?

Nope! It's the 2022 Third Impact Anime Halloween Special!

This year we're talking about the 2004 modern classic thriller Paranoia Agent from genius anime director, Satoshi Kon. Last time we spoke about Kon was years ago for a different holiday special and we're happy to be back to discuss his only original TV series, but is it one of his best? Find out as we discuss it!

What do you think of Paranoia Agent? Send us an email at thirdimpactanime[AT]

All music comes from the Paranoia Agent soundtrack.

Hosted by Austin (@bebopshock), Tori (@worstwaifu), Tobias (@reverend_tobias), and Bill (@wbforeman999).

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