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#20 - “2 Borderline 4 Comfort” - Interview with “2 Kawaii 4 Comfort” Creator, Luke Palmer

August 20, 2017

WE'RE BACK! After a few weeks of being on break, we're back with an awesome interview with filmmaker and weeb supreme, Luke Palmer!

Luke is the co-creator and director of the emerging we(e)b series, 2 Kawaii 4 Comfort, a series that explores the hilariously harsh yet deeply human realities of anime fans and conventions. If you haven't had a chance to check out the series, you can find it on YouTube and Vimeo! It's definitely worth the watch. 

Thanks so much to Luke for coming on the show! You can find out more about 2 Kawaii below:

2 Kawaii on YouTube, 2 Kawaii website, 2 Kawaii on Twitter! 

Enjoy the show! (This episode is edited for content, length, and quality. Just FYI.)

This is an archived episode of Borderline Podcasts. 

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