Third Impact Anime Podcast

#51 - Anime Expo 2018 and MEGALOBOX Review

July 15, 2018

On this episode, Ashita no Austin, Megalobill, and Gearless Tobias discuss the announcements, licenses, and premieres of Anime Expo 2018. After the break, they review the current reigning champion of 2018 anime, MEGALOBOX

(3:43 - 7:10) Short discussion of studio Shaft's Fireworks.

You can read more in detail via Austin's review here

(7:11 - 54:03) Recapping the events, announcements, and licenses of Anime Expo 2018. 

Highlights: Elfen Lied manga licensed (ewww), Netflix green-lights Aggretsuko season 2 and announces The Dragon Pilot release, Armored Trooper VOTOMS home video release, Banana Fish manga reprinted, Legendary Pictures Gundam movie, Funimation Zillion license, Penguin Highway and Walk On Girl light novels licensed, TRIGGER patreon, Promare, SSSS. Gridman, and the Kill la Kill video game. 

(55:04 - 1:01:53) Group question: Would you go to Anime Expo? 

(1:01:53 - 2:16:28) MEGALOBOX discussion. 

mabanua YouTube channel (via his label, oragami productions). MEGALOBOX Soundtrack on Spotify

Sakugabooru production notes for MEGALOBOX episode 1. kViN (@yuyucow) on twitter.

(2:16:28 - END) Wrap up, social media, all that junk. 

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