Third Impact Anime Podcast

#55 - Con-versations - Anime Weekend Atlanta 2018

October 2, 2018

Anime Weekend Atlanta 2018 was hype! Listen to us chat about it. 

Ryan, Marisa, Jon, Tori, Austin, Tobias, Andrew, and our pals Edwin and Will, all went down to Anime Weekend Atlanta (Sept. 20-23) and had a blast. Listen to part of the crew chat about guests, dealers, artists, panels, Anime Hell, Video Game Hell, Chargeman Ken, and Jon's not-so-crazy volunteering adventures. 

Thanks to Jon Swasey for the amazing show opening as Gendo Ikari! 

Special shout out to Dave Merrill, Neil Nadelman, and Daryl Surat for keeping AWA insane year after year with Anime Hell, Totally Lame Anime, and Panel of DOOM.

Another special thanks to fellow panelists NoS Anime, Mongr3l, jimmygnome9, and others for keeping panel culture A+

Artist that Marisa mentioned:

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