Third Impact Anime Podcast

#56 - PSYCHO-PASS Review

October 8, 2018

Austin, Bill, Tobias, and Ryan W. all compare crime coefficients and review 2012's PSYCHO-PASS from Production I.G and writer Gen Urobuchi.

(00:00 - 15:53) Catch up time!

Ryan talks about playing Undertale for the first time and watching Altered Carbon on Netflix, Bill talks about checking out the Quincy Jones documentary on Netflix, Tobias talks Bojack Horseman, and Austin talks about going to Japan.

Austin's Tokyo Disneyland vlog:

Austin's friend Dustin who is working on the Kamen Rider/tokusatsu fandom documentary:

(16:40 - END) PSYCHO-PASS discussion.

We go over the main cast and crew of the series, Ryan talks about the real-world parallels that we see in the show, we discuss the series' major themes, call backs to other sci-fi works, sequels (mainly PSYCHO-PASS 2 and PSYCHO-PASS -THE MOVIE-), comparisons (or lack thereof) to Ghost in the Shell, and what the most iconic moments were for us. We also answer the most important question; which OP and ED is our favorite?

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