Third Impact Anime Podcast

#61 - Best Anime of 2018

January 24, 2019

2018 was a titanic year for anime, and we're here to tell you about some of the best series' and movies of the year! By no means did we cover it all, but here's a solid list of 25 series/films that we really enjoyed. This episode is over 4 hours long so we don't necessarily expect you to listen to the whole thing, so here's our full list in order in case you want to skip around. But hey it'd be better if you DID listen to the whole thing. 

First! We talk about our "Best Anime That DIDN'T Come Out in 2018"

Then! Honorable mentions.

Finally! Our Best of 2018:

0:00:00: Best Anime That DIDN'T Come Out in 2018 & Honorable Mentions 
0:40:56: LUPIN THE 3RD PART 5
0:46:20: My Hero Academia Season 3
1:06:50: Megalobox
1:09:29: Idolish7
1:20:46: Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai
1:28:36: Tsurune
1:35:29: Revue Starlight
1:39:23: Teasing Master, Takagi-san
1:44:05: Banana Fish
1:50:19: Bloom Into You
1:58:10: Cells at Work
2:05:03: Tada Never Falls in Love
2:09:42: After the Rain
2:14:45: A Place Further Than the Universe
2:16:46: Double Decker
2:27:21: Maquia
2:33:08: Pop Team Epic
2:39:15: Violet Evergarden
2:45:03: Skull-Faced Bookseller Honda-san
2:49:08: Devilman Crybaby
3:00:58: Lu Over the Wall
3:05:03: The Night is Short, Wall on Girl
3:14:21: Aggretsuko
3:21:38: Asobi Asobase
3:26:37: Zombie Land Saga
3:47:11: Laid Back Camp

What did you think of our picks? Did we overlook a favorite show or movie of yours? Do you agree/disagree with our choices? Let us know over on Twitter @TI_Anime!

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