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#19 - Borderline Interviews Paul St. Peter [Voice of XEMNAS, KURAMA, and WHAMMU]

July 31, 2017

"Betty, do you know who you truly are?"

Austin, Andrew, and Ryan had the extreme pleasure of being able to bring on a VERY special guest for this episode of the podcast; veteran voice actor Paul St. Peter! We sat down with Paul to chat about Kingdom Hearts, Naruto, voice acting, his various other roles, the voice acting industry, and other topics. 

[Note: I edited the interview slightly for content and clarity because we were interrupted a few times, but the edit should be seamless. If it isn't in some instances, that's why haha]

For anyone who submitted questions on Facebook, make sure to listen to hear if we asked him yours! Thanks so much to everyone who submitted! Special shout out to Paul St. Peter for coming on the show and to Asheville Anime Regional Convention for hosting us and making this whole thing possible! 

Keep up with Paul and AARC here! 

Paul St. Peter Fan Page

AARC on Facebook

Enjoy the show! 

This is an archived episode of Borderline Podcasts. 

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