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#31 - Con-versations! - Ichibancon 2018

January 27, 2018

Third Impact did a good. We went to a con. 

Unfortunately, the podcast recording did a bad. 

We didn't lose much other than Tobias' intro (but you guys know him already) and Austin's breakdown of the convention which you can find here, now! 

Ichibancon is an anime convention in Concord, North Carolina. 2018 is it's 9th year running and it's the second largest anime convention in the state right under Raleigh's Animazement. It features the usual convention content like cosplay, panels, and dealers but also had a fantastic game room and some stand-out guests. The major guests this year were Dante Basco (Hook, Avatar: The Last Airbender), Cassandra Lee Morris (K-On!, Sword Art Online, Madoka Magica), and Vic Mignogna (Fullmetal Alchemist, Star Trek Continues). 

[We also lost a little bit in the middle so if it rapidly cuts, that's why. Our bad]

BUT! More important than all that is what we did, which is what we spend this episode breaking down. 

We discuss:

Dealers, artists, panels, cool cosplays, some lunatic pulling the fire alarm, Godzilla and her inflatable children, butt touching among friends, bootleg video game dealers, other cool panelists, Daicon IV, Ryan wanting to fight Charles Dunbar, Porgs, Pop Team Epic, Edwin, impromptu panels, Jon actually buying something, Chinese food, Bill phoning in kinda, Devilman, and twitter questions! 

Check out our con pictures here!

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