Third Impact Anime Podcast

#106 - Interview with Grant The Thief! One Piece Writer for ANN & Host of the Blade Licking Thieves Podcast

February 26, 2021

Ahoy, straw hats! In this episode of the Third Impact Anime Podcast, we're happy to have with us writer, podcaster, and Twitter pun-lord, Grant the Thief! Grant is 1/3rd of the Asian media podcast, the Blade Licking Thieves, and is currently the weekly One Piece anime reviewer for Anime News Network. Bill caught up with Grant to discuss Asian media broadly, his love for One Piece, and the life of being a turbo nerd online (something we can all relate to).

You can listen to Grant on his own podcasts, the Blade Licking Thieves as well as the Super Senpai Podcast, a tokusatsu podcast. Also, read his weekly One Piece reviews on Anime News Network.

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