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Kotatsu Corner #1 - Cozy on the Mofa

April 23, 2020

Welcome to a brand-new sub show on the Third Impact Anime Podcast; Kotatsu Corner!

Kotatsu Corner is a mini-sode series where we take a break from our typical, highly organized episodes and just chat about whatever is on our minds. Naturally, most of the things on our minds are anime, video games, books, movies, and the occasional international pandemic. 

We're hoping to do these monthly, or bi-monthly. We'll see how it goes.

In this episode, we discuss coping with COVID-19, cancelled conventions, Animal Crossing, FFVII Remake (which we hadn't played yet at the time), the almighty MOFA, and more!

Please enjoy! Also, this is Tori's debut as an episode editor. Wahoo!

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Please continue to take precautions and stay safe during the currently ongoing COVID-19 crisis.

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